Did You Have a Weird Dream about a Clown?

Last year at Halloween, Two kids were pulling their friend Crystal to trick-or-treat.

“ I don’t want to go!” Whined Crystal.

The first house they saw had awesome and picturesque decorations. “The blood was soooo real!” exclaimed Christine.

They knocked on the door and a man dressed as a disturbing clown (Pennywise the Dancing Clown) said, “Come in.”

Crystal and Christine entered without hesitation while Charlotte entered reluctantly. Chrystal pulled her in and asked in a mocking voice, “Are you scared?”

Christine suddenly ran off into a room and the man said, “I can go get her.”

He entered the room and closed the door. Crystal tried to open it but it was locked. She started banging the door calling Christine. The man came out and asked, “Do you want to come in?”

Crystal pushed Charlotte in. Charlotte saw Christine and walked to her.

“Christine, why do you have a balloon?”asked Charlotte.

“Come with me, you’ll float! You’ll float!”

Charlotte looked behind herself and screamed tumultuously. Crystal opened the door which wasn’t locked this time. She saw them holding a red balloon. She took a candy and throws it at the balloon. It popped and suddenly a clown appeared in front of Crystal.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

“Yes, this is Crystal!”

“COME TO THE COFFEE SHOP NOW” screamed Charlotte and Christine.

Once they were all gathered, they were the only ones.

“Did you have a weird dream last night about a clown?” asks Christene.

“Um… Guys!” said Crystal Shivering.

They all look in the direction Crystal points at and they see a clown “AAAAAAA”



The Death Counter Doll

One night at 3:00 AM, Jeff was driving back on his way home in the forest. Suddenly he saw a child running across the road, and his skid didn’t work so he crushed into the child.

He stopped the car to check the dead body. He found a doll in the child’s head It is the most beautiful doll he had ever seen. One of the eyeballs of the doll was missing. The other eyeball was replaced by a clock that pointed at 3:00 AM that did not move. This seemed very unnatural and the doll had one finger up on its hand. Jeff decided to left the doll behind and pretended nothing had happened.

The next morning, Jeff felt his eyes hurt but he didn’t bother. He still went to work and do every thing as usual. However, at night, his eyes got worse. He though the pain would disappear after he went to sleep. So he went strait to his bed.

At 2:49 AM he was woken up by a horrible pain on his eyes, so he decide to go to the hospital. His eye was too hurt to find he’s car key so he have to go to the hospital on foot. He was so blind that he couldn’t see an incoming car. The car crushed into him. When the owner of the car checked the dead body he found a doll with two fingers up.


Cartoon Vampire

“Wake up!” screams my friend. I rub my eyes and sit up. I, Veronica, am a vampire, but I have the appearance of an average human with some adjustments — Sharp fangs and the ability to turn into a bat. I am not always this way.

One normal day I was buying groceries for my mom. I stopped in my tracks as I noticed a black shadow flew past me. I turned around– and bam! I was bitten!

I still don’t remember what she looked like. It is quite disturbing knowing some random stranger took my precious blood. Me and my friend who iss also a vampire, live together. Everyone expects vampires to live in an abandoned mansion. But no, we live in an apartment in the city.

We keep being a vampire a secret. Today, we plan to go to a vampire party in an “abandoned” shop.

As we reach there, it sure enough looks abandoned. It is hard to believe that this place was once picturesque. Suddenly, the ring of the bell on the door announcing someone’s presence rings. All of a sudden, a human walks in.

The human screams and runs out. All of these people in this city believe vampires are evil and suck people’s blood. We were all once like all of you. But now people look at us in disgust. We all scatter back into our separate homes.\

The next day, I wake up and hear our door open, I think it is just my friend, Fiona. I close my eyes once again. But then, I noticed it is the human sneaking inside. This time I scream in terror. It turns out that the human wants to apologize for her behavior yesterday. I ask her why she went to that grotesque place anyways.

She replies that yesterday, she thought the shop was still open.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.