We are pleasured to announce that we, Countrice Education, are hosting the Caribou Math Contests, an interest-arousing, international math contest.

About Caribou

The Caribou Mathematics Competition is a unique and interactive online mathematics competition for students in grades 1-12. Making math fun again! It is held six times throughout the school year. 

The Caribou Cup is the series of all Caribou Contests in one school year. Each student’s ranking in the Caribou Cup is determined by their performance throughout the school year.


The goals of the contests are to:

  • Show that mathematical puzzles can be fun and that competing in math contests with interactive questions is exciting.
  • To improve student’s problem-solving techniques by providing a wide variety of challenging math activities suitable for all students.
  • Motivate students to get back to their school math when a question needed a technique or formula which they did not remember.