We’re hiring!

As our classes are expanding, outstanding teachers are always in high demand. We are looking for English and French teachers now.

Job Descriptions
  • Provide small-size class teaching;
  • Develop and adjust systematic lesson plans and required materials according to students’ demands;
  • Organize, motivate, and engage the class to active practice and discussion;
  • Detect students’ needs and provide help accordingly.
  • Fluent and clear English Speaker;
  • Having solid PROFESSIONAL knowledge;
  • Being self-motivated, dynamic, and creative in teaching;
  • Being responsible to students and sensitive to their needs;
  • Previous teaching experiences are preferred.

Now Open for Registration- 2021-2022 Fall

We have posted the 2021 Fall schedule in Eastern Time. As more students from Western Canada are joining our classes, please carefully read the schedule and convert it to your local time zone.

The price lists and registration forms can be found here.

Open Registration to Gauss Math Contests2021

We are glad to inform you all that the Waterloo Gauss Math Contests are open for registration now. 

Feel free to click the link below to register: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd_uKdDU000_6w7DeV8kfP6UG_iXiGFEA3DOYEuMW8lD7x5IQ/viewform

Here is some brief information about the Gauss Contests. More details can be found in the link:

  • Contests Date:  May 12, 2021, Online contests
  • Eligibility: Gr8 Gauss opens to students in Gr8 or below
                       Gr7 Gauss opens to students in Gr7 or below
  • Early bird: April 1st
  • Registration Deadline: April 18, 2021