Chinese Traditional Culture Summer Camp

Open to register now!

Duration: (4 independent weeks by now)

           Week 1: Jul 10rd — 14th

           Week 2: Jul 17th — 21th

           Week 3: Aug 14th — 18th

           Week 4: Aug 21st — 25th

Time: Mon. to Fri.

           9:00a.m.-4:00p.m. (Extended time applicable)

Age Groups: 7– 10 years (Specific case could be arranged through contact)

Cost: $160/week *($128 for 4-day week due to Civic Day, if applicable)

Summer Camp Site: St. Cecile

Different contents every week

This summer camp is all about Chinese traditional culture.

We have invited Dr. Momo (Teana Zuo), who has the PhD of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She is an expert on Sino-Tibetan and Chinese minority languages, dialectology, phonology, phonetics and Computational Linguistics. Together with the children, she will explore the origin and evolution of Chinese characters.
Through the exploration of the origin and evolution of Chinese characters, the appreciation and experimentation of Chinese traditional poetry and painting, the participation of traditional games and the making of handicrafts, as well as the observation of the customs of Chinese ethnic minorities, children will generate a strong interest in Chinese culture, receive a wider cultural perspective, and build up potential competence and future competitiveness.

Discount Policies***:

  1. Two Weeks+ $10 off for each week
  2. Two students+ $10 off per students

***Both discount cannot be applied together. Maximum discount shall be $40 off in total.