Did you know? Mandarin is the official Chinese language in China and over 1.4 billion people in the world speak Mandarin. It is also one of six official languages used in the United Nations. In today’s age, Mandarin is of great value in business and the industrial world because of the role of China in globalization. Our Mandarin class teaches basic language skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. It will lay a foundation and prepare the students for future study in Mandarin. 


Acquire Chinese language through immersion


Be exposed to Chinese traditional culture


Fun and engaging Chinese craft-making activities

  • To learn basic language skills.
  • To systematically acquire standard Mandarin pronunciation
  • To learn how to recognize and write Chinese characters
  • To accomplish daily communication in Mandarin

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Good news for those who love Mandarin and Chinese culture.

We offer Mandarin Credit Program!!

If you are excel at Mandarin but find it irrelevant to school, here is the program that can solve your concern. You can learn Mandarin and earn OSSD credit.