Zoe Wan

As the director of Countrice Education, Zoe is a well-rounded and vastly experienced educator. She graduated from Beijing Normal University with a Bachelor of Mathematics program in which she went on to demonstrate expertise in the subject through one of her most notable experiences: working as a high school math teacher at one of China’s top-ranking high schools, Beijing No.4 High School.

As a educator, Zoe has received recognition for her teaching methodologies, lesson designs, teaching and learning materials. In particular, her influence as a math teacher in a high school attached to East China University of Technology  located in Shanghai is one for which she has won many awards for.

Throughout her career, she has accumulated rich working experience in both China and Canada that has enabled her to possess a comprehensive and objective understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the two countries within the field of education. The establishment of Countrice Education Inc. grew from these very experiences and a desire to bring together two differing countries to weave an interconnected community that prioritizes education and diversity.

Program Coordinator

Christina Tao

Ms. Tao is the Program Coordinator of chess, chess tournaments, math and math competition programs in Countrice Education. She is the Youth Coordinator of the Chess Federation of Canada, and has been the Head of Delegation of Team Canada, leading top Canadian chess players to different World Tournaments from 2015 to 2019.

Graduated from York University, Ms. Tao has a strong sense of organizing math concepts in a systematic way according to the Ontario math curriculum of all grades.

Math teachers

Mr. Zhong

Mr. Zhong obtained a Master Degree in Physics and specialized in theoretical physics. He had been an assistant professor for graduate students in China for 4 years. He was a bronze winner for Chinese High School National Math Competition.

Mr. Zhong is highly experienced in Math competitions. He emphasizes on building up students’ mathematical thinking and logic abilities. He has been tutoring secondary school students for many years in Canada.

Mr. Wei

Mr. Wei, master of University of Windsor, has professional math skills and knowledge as well as a strong interest in math education. He used to tutored statistics for university students. His teaching philosophy focuses on not only consolidate students’ problem solving skills but also a more efficient way of thinking.

Mr. Yubin Li

Mr. Li is a graduated Master student in Statistics from University of Windsor, as well as a Master degree in Quantitative Economics and a Bachelor degree in Finance, both of which  are highly related to Math. With 2 years of experiences as Teaching Assistant at University of Windsor, he is familiar with students’ various learning styles and thinking patterns.

He has deep understanding in Math. He consider math as useful and important knowledge for people’s study and work and even their daily lives. Mr. Li is pleased to share his knowledge  and have fun with children. His teaching aims inspiring their interests and initiative in learning new knowledge in math, so as to build a solid foundation for their future success.

Mr. Chunyu Mao

Mr. Mao has graduated from University of Windsor with the degree of Masters of Applied Science majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is also a Research Assistant at University of Windsor presently.

He has strong background in math derivation, especially in modeling. His teaching experience as a Graduate Assistant during his post-graduate study equipped him with the abilities to deal with students with various learning styles.

English Writing Teachers

Mr. Simpkins

Our teacher, Mr. Simpkins, was majored in English Literature, Creative Writing, and Drama. He has 3 years’ experience of guiding university students writing speeches and teaching them speech delivery.

Mr. Fletcher

Mr. Fletcher is an expert teacher of high school English literature and history. In addition to being an OCT, he is also qualified to teach higher level IB English. His classes are featured with engaging atmosphere and rich knowledge of literature.

Ms. April Anderson

Ms. Anderson graduated from McMaster University with the degree of Bachelor of Art in Cultural Studies and Physical Anthropology.  Then, she upgraded herself by getting post-graduate diploma in communication and broadcast journalism. She used to taught in Taiwan, and now, she is an journalist, an editor, and a broadcaster at radio station. She also writes articles to newspapers and magazines.

Academically, Ms. Anderson is quite knowledgeable to provide students with abundant and rewarding classes. And her experiences of teaching in Taiwan has equipped her with broader horizon, flexible pedagogy and sensitive awareness to students’ needs.  With her experiences in teaching and writing, we believe she will bring solid knowledge, writing skills and much fun to the class.

Miss. Dana Carson

Miss Carson obtained her BA(h) English and Sociology at the University of Windsor. She is currently pursuing her master degree. Throughout her undergraduate degree and presently, she has been working at the University of Windsor as a Teaching Assistant. Six semesters were dedicated to working in the course Foundations of Academic Writing I and II, as well as Effective Writing I and II. The focus of these courses was to teach the grammar and writing structure expected of a student at the university level.

Her strengths include marking assignments, teaching labs, and holding additional hours for one-on-one assistance. She is very comfortable in the classroom and enjoy working with students to achieve their academic goals.

Miss. Kayley Hodges

Kayley is an Ontario Certified Teacher in primary, junior, and intermediate divisions and a Registered Early Childhood Educator. She is a graduate of the University of Windsor and has earned the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Distinction. Kayley completed the five-year Concurrent B.A. / B.Ed. / E.C.E. program with a major in English and minors in History and Psychology. She is also teaching ESL in Academie Ste Cecile International School presently.

Kayley is a dedicated teacher who attaches importance to students’ needs. She is willing to adjust parts of her lesson plans according to students’ needs while manage to cultivate students’ writing skills in a comprehensive manner.

Chess Coaches

Mr. Egorov

Mr. Egorov, he is an elite chess coach with 13-year experiences of teaching chess. He has been the Canadian Chess Team Coach to help our national top players to do the best in five world tournaments, intermittently from 2011 to 2019.

Miss. Tao

Miss Tao, Champion of the 2017 High School Chess, 2017 OYCC and CYCC U16. She has rich experiences in chess tournaments as she has been representing Canada to play in various World Youth and Pan-American Youth tournaments for many years. Our students love her so much for her engaging classes full of fun.

French Teachers

Miss. Riddell

Miss Riddell, certified with the Ontario College of Teachers, was cultivated to be a high school teacher in both French language and history. She is a French teacher now in the public schools. She is very passionate about teaching French as well as sharing the beauty of this language and its culture with her students.

Miss. Natyshak

Miss Natyshak completed her Bachelor of Art in French from the University of Windsor. With her half-francophone background, she is undoubtedly familiar and professional in French. As working with the local French school board for the past few years, she excels at adapting her teaching to various language level. She will definitely share her passion for French with all students.

Chinese Teacher

Miss. Jiang

Miss Jiang, Master of Education from the University of Windsor, is passionate about teaching Mandarin and spreading Chinese culture . Her classes are distinguished by the abundance of activities that are culture-relevant and, more importantly, Mandarin immersion, by which students can pick up authentic Mandarin naturally.